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Monday, March 21, 2011

Canvas Wall Art

Happy Monday Bloggers!

Today I'd like to share with you part of a project that is in progress at my house. We have a wall that is essentially the focal point in our living room (outside of the T.V. that is) and I had an idea for some art that I wanted to do for it. My initial plan did not work out so I adapted.

My inspiration for my adaptation came from this idea from one of my most favorite blogs, Less Cake More Frosting. She used a canvas, her Silhouette and some freezer paper to make a great gift. Please check out her blog because not only is she an amazing crafter, she is a fabulous person as well!

I used instead "canvas boards" (I don't know their real name so that is going to be it for now). At Michael's, I purchased a pack of what I would call canvas poster board. These are flatly wrapped canvases instead of the wood framed ones.

I found an image that I liked and cut it with my Silhouette on some freezer paper. *Remember when cutting freezer paper to always place the waxy side down on the cutting mat. Then I used some acrylic paint and a stencil sponge to fill it in.

Here is how it ended up!

At first I was mad that the paint bled under my stencil a bit but once I finished it, I changed my mind. I also stenciled our last name at the bottom and put three birds in the tree; one for me, my husband and my son.

This will be one of three pieces that I plan to hang on our living room wall. 

Today I will be picking up a beautiful Craigslist find! Here are the pictures below:

Here is my dilemma, all of the furniture in my house is black but I happen to love this piece white. Do I change it to match or let it stay white? I have been browsing Anthropologie to see if there is a knob that stands out to me but I don't think I'll be able to decide until I see the piece in person.

I scored a ton of great stuff at Michael's this weekend that I can't wait to share with you all!

Yours in Craft,


  1. I used the freezer paper a few weeks ago to do a pillow form, and it worked great (no bleeding). I used cotton tho, and it may not adhere to canvas as well. Looks great tho! I love your craigs list find! I like the white, but I know how the whole black furniture thing goes. We used to be totally mod with all black, silver, and red furniture. I am SLOWLY heading in the more "Anthropologie" type styles. As far as knobs go, they have drawer pulls, and knobs @ Hobby Lobby that are similar to Anthropologie's (and you can catch them 50% off if you watch the sales)
    Wow...this is a long comment!

  2. This is adorable! Love the birds and their special meaning! Thanks for stopping by to visit me.. hope you will share one of your projects with my pink Hippo Party.. and I am your newest follower