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Friday, March 25, 2011

Table Refinish In Progress

**Disclaimer** I totally and completely apologize for terrible photo quality in the photos of this post. Most of them were taken at night and apparently back in the day when this house was built, they didn't believe in ceiling light fixtures. Also, my dinky digital camera is probably not appropriate for this but I'm working on a new one :). Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Happy Friday everyone! I have a progress post for you today! Remember this little beauty?

Well today I'd like to show you its progress. If you look back at this post when I first picked up this great Craigslist find, I was debating the color. All of my furniture is black but I happened to really love this piece white. I finally decided to go halfway and paint the top of the table gray (one of my accent colors) with a stencil on the top.

Above is the stencil that I purchased from the Silhouette online store and applied to the table. I cleaned the table and taped the edges with some painters tape and sprayed it with its first coat of gray spray paint.

I know that it is difficult to see the gray in this picture since it was taken in my dungeon basement. You will notice that you can no longer see the stencil as I have painted over it. Tonight it will get a second coat and the stencil will be removed. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to reveal it to you!

I also wanted to share another spray paint project ( I am the spray paint queen).

This wall is directly across from my front door and is the first thing you see after coming in through the entry way. The shelf was my parents' that they purchased for a project that never happened. It was originally white and had a few scratches on it. It got a few coats of spray paint and it was brand new again. It may look like it is not hanging straight but that is because our entire house is slanting (yes, you read that correctly). The electric candles you see will soon be getting some ribbon and a monogram.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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